lil-mule time lapse dolly

Powering up lil-mule:

Controller Specifications:

• Input: 6-16 volts

• Output:10 Amp Continuous Max.

• Peak Output: 30 amps

• Power Input Option 1: 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC power jack (not included)

• Power Input Option 2: Tamiya connector to 12 volt battery is included (battery not included)

The Lil-Mule controller has an AC plug in it for people who want to power it that way. I myself have obviously tested it, but prefer to operate the Lil-Mule untethered by using batteries mounted on board.

I wasted several hundred bucks evaluating different batteries. The winner by far is the standard 12v for a lot of reasons. It is ubiquitous and can be easily found all over the world. It can easily run for a day of shooting on a single charge. The added weight of the battery is actually a benefit as added weight on the dolly helps keep things more stable.

There are many size and shape variations one can consider as well. Depending on the type of head being used, and wheel configuration (3 wheel for arcs, 4 wheel for straight) choice of where to have the battery ride on Lil-Mule's platform can change.

You can follow the two links below to see the current battery charger combination that I personally use and recommend. I have no official affiliation with Battery Mart but found them to be the lowest price and the size fits my needs and you can run a full day on one fully charged battery. You can use the specs from the battery to find something locally...

I'll be continuing to gather as much useful information as possible regarding batteries and some of the solutions Lil-Mule customers have created for themselves on this page. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.



A couple links that came up in the comments section on Kickstarter:

Hi Warren

I really am no nattery expert and am afraid i buy the wrong thing. As i live in Europe, Frys is not an option ;-)

In Germany there's a very well known electronics seller called Conrad. This is what comes out when i look for 12 Volt Akku (akku is german for rechargeable battery), but i would't know which one to buy.

Maybe you (or any other backer in Germany) can help or provide other lnks to european merchants.

Hi Francis,

I listed the Fry's links so that people could see the specs and try to find locally...

I did a google search for "12 volt akku Conrad" and found the following:

Here's the part # of a battery that appears to look very similar on their site: 
No.: 255556-62 [Part Number: LC-R121R3PG];jsessionid=1BFDAB224E058FBE1E3A18BE3B276634.ASTPCEN16

I used Google Translate as I don't speak German... Hope this helps!


pledged!! cant wait and have a quick question: could would an 3s lipo (11.1volt) battery operate the LM just the same? thanks!

Hi Ryan, Thanks for the support! I just did a little internet searching and at first glance it looks like you will be able to run the controller with the battery you are asking about. The Controller can accept power in the range of 6-16 volts, so the 11.1 volt battery is good on that note. The controller's power input is based on the "tamiya" style connector - your battery is different with a "t-plug" connector. I think all you would need is to find a convertor... Here's a link i found with google...